This analysis is termed as Supplier, Publics, Intermediaries, Competition and Customers; analyzed the company’s immediate environment and their competition. Doing the Amazon’s SPICC analysis; keeping the said SPICC aspects, descriptions are enlisted here under:-

a.         Suppliers:       Suppliers of Amazon are those who are doing business with the company. They tend to provide the ordered product to amazon warehouse on time so that the delivery of the customers may not get late. If the supplies are unable to bring the ordered products to the ware house, then late delivery leads to the dissatisfaction of customers and ultimately affects the Amazon’s business.

b.         Publics.   Public can be termed as it’s the employees working within the business or in other words Human Resource of any firm. The amazons have to take good care of its employees from whom the company is managing to earn huge amount of profit throughout the year. The management of Amazon needs to take effective measures for cleanliness, security and safety of its employees so that the staff can work smoothly and may not get hurt. In addition, the company tends to give good and competitive salary packages and other financial benefits in order to retain good employees.

c.         Intermediaries.          These are the middle man who also plays vital role in the success of business. In case of Amazon, transportation; delivery persons and delivery companies plays vital role of intermediaries so that the order is not delayed and customers received each and every order’s delivery on time.

d.         Competitions.   Amazons needs to be alert from its main competitor like Walmart and eBay so that they may not steal market share from Amazon. As well as it also needs to be updated technology so that it can be a step ahead from its competitors.

e.         Customers.  Satisfaction of customers always a key element for any company and same has been with the Amazon. Because it is ultimately customers from who’s the business is carrying and satisfying their all needs / demands arising from time to time and ends up with the generation of profits.

Final Words.   Amazon has been doing business for more than 20 years since the inception of dotcom platform and it has managed to perform well due to its better pricing and marketing strategies. Thus the company has to be more flexible in order to cope up all the new technological changes occurring in the market in order to sustain and be a top leading online store.