This analysis stands for Suppliers, Publics, Intermediaries, Costumers and Markets and competitions.

Apple suppliers for raw material are very less number as most of the material are being produced by apple itself. Hence, the effect of supplier is not influential on the company.

Public are termed as the society in which the company operates. Apple kept its society with due care and contribute towards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Intermediaries are those who are involved for taking the products from factory to the end consumers. They provide the facility like transportation. They have effect on the company as they can increase / decrease the supple of the product in the market which can influence the prices. In case of Apple, it has made its own store which are operating globally which means there are no intermediaries involved in line and apple manufacture and distribute it to the consumers by its own.

Customers are the end user of the product which have most influence on the company. Apple makes in-depth analysis and conduct surveys for the sake of provision of that product which are in the need of the consumers. That is why Apple share of the market is on the second number.

Markets and competitors forces the company to do research and analyses the need of the consumers in order to bring / stand out in the market and among competitors. Apple Inc has always standout with its new products / services as the research department of the company is well established and organized.