Google has made its name globally through its search engine which is so intelligent and user friendly that even the internet giants like Yahoo, Bing etc could not achieve that artificial intelligence in regard to Search Engine. Google search engine wisely identifies the exact requirement / need of the user even with two to three letters of a word. Apart from very successful search engine, Google has started many other businesses which could not get that much appreciation or could not compete with other existing business resultantly got out of the market. Here is the list of failed business which Google had started but were winded up after some time:-

1.         Google Plus.   The most important business with huge investment pumped in and tried to race the social media giant facebook with the name Google Plus. The social media platform was similar to facebook and provided the entire feature, however, still could not get the desired results. The main reason for its failure of Google Plus was lack of security and privacy and people can easily see other profiles. This resulted in disinterest of public. Although later on Google revised the policy and restricted the security and privacy matters but that was too late and people has already rejected it and never came back. Resultantly Google announced closer of Google Plus in 2016-17.

2.         Google Sites.   Google introduced another online platform to build new sites through Google sites. Through this software; one can easily build its own blog / webpage through different type of features provided without coding. However that project was also failed due to low quality themes and features as being provided by others like WordPress or Weebly etc. which were more attractive and having more features than Google Sites.

3.         Google Glasses.   Although Google has mostly worked / functioned online still it has also made a hardware called as Google Glass. These are the wearing glasses having a small screen at the right top. Through these glasses, a person can easily see the profile of other person without giving him any knowledge of being seen. This project was closed due to security reasons.

4.         Bloggers.   Like Google Sites, bloggers was also a major addition which was made to for an individual blogger to develop his own/business blog easily but due to other available market blog providers which are more advanced and have better theming and other options, this project also not contributing well towards the company’s earning.

5.         Google Talks.   It was a messaging app which was used to do chat with other person and share photos etc. Google talk was even integrated with Google mail still could not gain much attractions from its audience.

6.         iGoogles.   This iGoogle was a web explorer which is later changed / absorbed into Google chrome. iGoogle does not able to gain major audience and was operated until 2013.

7.         Quick Offices.   In comparison to MS Office, the project of Google’s Quick Office could not succeed due to fewer users friendly features and also was available for Symbian mobiles where editing was not that easy as on MS Office. Later on it was replaced with Google Docus, sheets etc which got better response from the general public.

8.         Google Desktop.   This was a search engine on the desktop to search within the personal computer. Yet this project attracted the audiences still the project was killed and focus was given on the cloud storage.

9.         Google Flip.   Before Google news, it had introduced Google clip which is similarly to Flip Board where users can see the latest news and other stock updates on their phone.

10.       Google Gear.   Another powerful but failed product of Google is Google Gear. This provides the user to operate and run during offline. However, this project was failed due to complex coding.

11.       Google Video.   A free platform to upload and view the videos, however, could not succeed due to existing best competitor YouTube, later on Google bought YouTube and killed Google video.

12.       Google Answers.   Another free platform given by Google for its audience to get answer of any question named as Google Answer. However, this product was failed and lost the audience due to trolling and spamming.

13.       Google Wave.                        It was product of Google where every person is on the same wave and during chatting with each other, they can see the word typed by other person easily see what word was edited as the editing is also stored in the time line.

14.       Google Dictionary.   People tend to vows towards Google to get answer of any word in just one click. Therefore, use of Google dictionary as an app as well as on the web reduces the audience.

15.       Google Buzz.   Another major failure of Google’s product lost is the Google Buzz. This was introduced before Google plus. Google Buzz was social platform where users can shared picture, status etc. The product was closed within one year due to high privacy issues which also resulted into penalty against law suit on Google to the tune of $80.5 Million.

Final Words.   The list of failed products of Google is very large as above mentioned failed products are few. However, still Google is the world leader and has developed huge list of products which are way beyond competition by any other business.